In July, I was served with court papers letting me know about


An open letter to the public.I rented a lovely home, paid my rent on time and kept it clean and worked on the yard. My husband and teenaged daughters loved cheap moncler it. We were happy and life was good.After living in the home for well over a year, the landlord went bankrupt and the mortgage was not being paid. My lease had already been renewed so I was not too worried. I had the landlord tenant act to protect me. In July, I was served with court papers letting me know about the upcoming foreclosure.Wanting moncler outlet jackets to be sure that i was doing the moncler jacket sale proper things, I called the bank lawyer’s office listed on the court papers to see if I should be looking to move and who was I to pay the rent to. I was told by the bank’s lawyers moncler sale not to worry, to continue paying my landlord as per my rental contract and that the bank would give me plenty of notice to move. It would take months to get through the moncler outlet online courts.NOTE: The landlord tenant act states that if you are evicted for a landlords personal use of the property through default on rent and such that a tenant will get two months written notice and a month’s rent free for moving costs or paid out equivalent to one month’s rent. If there is no damage the tenant will also get the damage deposit returned with interest.This did NOT happen for me.On December 5, 2012, I received a court order saying the bank required “immediate vacant possession.” I was shocked and afraid and called the bank’s lawyers right away. The lawyers told me that they expected moncler outlet sale me to be out of the house cheap moncler outlet by January 3, 2013. They would NOT be giving me my damage deposit though I have proof moncler jackets outlet I paid it they would NOT be giving me two month’s to find new accommodations and they would NOT be giving me one month rent free or moncler outlet the monetary equivalent.I immediately moncler sale outlet phoned the landlord tenancy branch to find out if this could be done to me and my family. The answer, sadly, was yes. Foreclosures go through the Supreme Court of British Columbia and trump the Tenant Act. I unhappy, and, as you know, moncler outlet store rentals are far and few between.I have found a teeny tiny two bedroom place to move into. Cheap Moncler Jackets It’s very cute and will do the job and I can keep my cats. One of my daughters has been forced to fInd her first apartment to grow up and I have to sell half of my belongings. I am owed approximately $1275 rent and damage deposit. I will never see it.Comment by Larry on 19th December 2012Sorry you had to learn the hard way. Suggest you and your family drop RB moncler outlet uk C and start dealing with your local Credit Union.I feel your cheap moncler jackets sale pain.Comment by on 18th December 2012Sorry you have had such bad luck with tenants, I was a great tenant and will continue to be a great tenant for my new landlord. My former landlord had bad luck and lost their home and who knows what else.I not blaming nor am I complaining.There is one set of rules for landlords and tenants and another set for lawyers and banks.I just letting people know that the landlord tenant act does not protect everyone, renters and landlord alike. It just such a bad time of year for this to happen and really, it could happen to anyone.

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