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Merv Ritchie

moncler sale UPDATE As the gathering of pedophiles selected a successor to lead, every news channel and most TV stations have interrupted their regular programming to tune in. This reveals we as a society are sick, doomed and not worthy of the respect of Jesus or of any God or supreme entity. moncler sale

moncler outlet I am sick and tired of hearing commentators moncler sale outlet on all news channels talking about when moncler jackets outlet “WE” will have a new Pope, or when “OUR” new Pope will be selected. moncler outlet

They are talking about the selection of the leader of a cult which protects pedophiles and sexual deviants, those who should be, if not executed, at least jailed to keep children safe across the globe.

moncler outlet online I am personally offended and insulted that these media people have the audacity to include all western peoples as being part of cheap moncler jackets sale their news reports; news reports they seem to believe relate to something everyone watching is even slightly interested in. Most of us are sick such that we want to vomit. moncler outlet online

cheap moncler jackets When Scientology has an event the media does not refer to all peoples as belonging. cheap moncler jackets

cheap moncler coats This cult of followers is no different moncler outlet uk than the Jimmy Jones cult. People who blindly accept horrendous activities and willing do what ever the leaders tell them to do. cheap moncler coats

cheap moncler Since 300 AD this church has been corrupting society with falsehoods. cheap moncler

moncler outlet sale First the leadership ordered all moncler outlet writings cheap moncler jackets regarding Jesus Christ be burned and they executed many who continued to honor Jesus. Then moncler outlet store they, through Constantine, wrote a whole new book which suited cheap moncler coats their purposes. moncler outlet sale

buy moncler jackets Then throughout the centuries they burned people alive, hung people from trees and brutalized civilizations all in the name of their false saints and idols, which Jesus and the Old Testament spoke specifically against. buy moncler jackets

cheap moncler sale “WE” will never moncler jacket sale have a new Pope. Only those who are guilty of complicity allowing this outrage against humanity to continue, this assault on everything decent, will have a new immoral leader for their ing abhorrent cult. cheap moncler sale

moncler mens jackets Catholics be damned, don’t include the decent among us in your filthy crime! moncler mens jackets

The story behind this non story

Comment by Merv Ritchie on 15th March 2013

This article has one of the highest comment counts with the lowest number of views of any story on this site. The RCMP news releases get cheap moncler outlet more views.

Currently, at the time of this writing, the story has 68 comments and only 1500 views. Those who comment frequently always come back to read the replies. Moncler Outlet So we can safely assume each person who commented returned to the story at least 10 times, some have returned over 50 times. If we take the very low estimate of ten returns this would mean at a maximum this story has attracted the attention of no more than 150 people; more likely far less than 100. Maybe only 50.

On the other hand stories with no comments at all receive upwards and over 5000 reads each.

monlcer down jackets The story here, if there is one, is very few people care about the Catholic Church and the Pope. Those who return to defend the church can safely be lumped together cheap moncler with the axiom, “We think the man protests too much”. Like the cheating spouse who accuses his or her partner, we must ask ourselves seriously why such a rabid defense of the Church by such a select few people? monlcer down jackets

And now we have closed the comments.

moncler sale outlet Dearest Curious It isn close enough for me moncler sale outlet

Comment by Merv Ritchie on 15th March 2013

I love you and all people. I practice what I preach. I have great compassion which comes from understanding. I understand why and how people come to their faith. I might not like it, the methods cruel people use to impress and use young developing, or vulnerable minds, but I have compassion for the person. And I respect them moncler sale for their devotion to an idea, the concept of a loving God. And I absolutely love them for being the loving creatures of God. But I am ed by the support, they allow their devotion to the Catholic Church, to facilitate the continued suffering of children.

cheap moncler outlet If the Catholic Church emptied their vaults of all the information we could all grow and then moncler outlet online through truth, we could achieve real reconciliation and healing. They already make the news about once a month for molesting children, I think that plenty of coverage. It one thing if loony networks like Fox do it, but my tax dollars don pay for Fox. If they feel they must cover this because it news they should offer equal time to every other so called religion wouldn prefer Tom Cruise to Benedict or have a disclaimer saying, guys are a bunch of old pedophiles keep your children well away. I am david cheap moncler outlet.


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