They hired the actors, supplied the venue and backdrop


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moncler outlet As all Internationalists understand, borders are only for common citizens of a Nation. Trans Nationalists, otherwise known as Multi National Corporations with their employees and directors are not confined to, or regulated by, National Boundaries. Accessing a nation’s resource rich areas are open to corporations worldwide. moncler outlet

cheap moncler sale Nationalities are only for those who like to wave flags in a false sense of pride over some stereo typical assumption of what their nation is. Canadians can be the most juvenile in this respect; believing they are all loving, caring and respectful people moncler outlet online when history demonstrates something far different. But with this notion of pride most Canadians proudly proclaim their identity while Internationalists quietly smirk in mirth. cheap moncler sale

moncler mens jackets The Northwest region of Canada is arguably the richest and most accessible resource area on the globe. There is only one obstacle to the extraction of these resources the internationalists’ desire. This is the Indian claims to their own sovereign rights over their traditional territories. The Queen of England wrote a proclamation in 1763 cheap moncler jackets sale protecting the Indians from internationalists traders and colonizers from invading Indian lands, taking advantage without making honest treaties first. This proclamation is still valid as all Canadian Acts of Parliament along with the Supreme Court of Canada recognize it for what it is; a declaration of Indian Sovereignty of lands moncler outlet sale not settled by treaty. moncler mens jackets

monlcer down jackets Therefore there is only one manner in which to get around the Indians. For the Internationalists it is an easy one. War. Not with the Indians, that would be offensive to everyone and far too overt. Internationalists are much smarter than that. monlcer down jackets

Energy is the most important commodity right now. Nothing rates higher, anywhere. Stocks and Bonds in Energy are the most profitable. Energy is also required for all the resource extraction activities on the globe. So a plan is now in place, and it went into full operation a few years ago. It is a plan to create the perfect conditions for a war. The tests on public reaction were performed in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and elsewhere. The public and the media did not get overly outraged and most of the media played the game properly, almost as cheap moncler jackets a propaganda machine for moncler outlet store the Internationalists. The final stage of this play is unfolding before our eyes and most cannot see it.

moncler sale Canada has expelled Iranian Diplomats after issuing hostile statements to Russia and China moncler sale for their support of Syria. The rhetoric has reached a crescendo not heard Moncler Outlet of since the Cuban Missile Crisis, and before that, the Second World War. All of this was planned many years ago. It is nothing more than the script of a play, a theatrical event we will all watch with rapt attention. Reports will come in and we will all discuss it, believing we understand what is happening, over coffee at Tim’s or over dinner or over drinks. moncler sale

moncler outlet online What is actually happening is the internationalist only method to access the resources of Northwest BC without anymore restrictions, cheap moncler coats hardships and lawsuits. moncler outlet online

moncler outlet store The Syrian conflict is designed to escalate into a world conflict. China will be on the winning side. It has long ago been decided. moncler outlet jackets A treaty will need to be settled and the USA, Russia, China, Canada and others will all be at the table for the media to take pictures. moncler outlet store

moncler sale outlet China may, to appease the great outrage of Canadians after losing so badly, allow some facets of Canadian governance to continue however the right of control of the Western half of Canada will be lost. Canadian Courts and system moncler jacket sale of governance will change in such a dramatic fashion the moncler outlet uk previous laws of the land will no longer be applicable. The Supreme Court of Canada will no longer be an avenue for Indians moncler sale outlet to appeal to as it will no longer have jurisdiction. moncler sale outlet

buy moncler jackets This will apply to the Queens proclamation of 1763 and the Delgamuukw ruling regarding Indian lands and the requirement to consult. They will no longer have any legal impact. buy moncler jackets

This will not be an unfortunate result of an ill conceived NATO conflict, this will be the result of a carefully planned theatrical performance, those who believe in National boundaries will be confined to observe and then comply.

cheap moncler National boundaries are designed to pit the people of one nation against the other. Internationalists sit high above, as if they are in theater boxes, and watch the screen play they wrote. They hired the actors, supplied the venue and backdrop. They didn’t just supply the weapons, they designed them, built them and got their puppet national governments and the people to pay for them. The publicists set the scene and the public will come in droves to watch. cheap moncler

They will laugh, they will cry, they will cheer when they are instructed and they will weep when they see their side lose. Then they will all go home and continue on with their lives, attempting to salvage what they have left stating, “well there was nothing we could do eh?”

Some believe everything is conspired and planned and others believe things happen by chance. Governments, politicians and spin doctors know conditions must moncler outlet be set right for the public to comply. Seldom can anyone tell anyone what to do. One must set up a situation whereby the subjects willing walk where they are supposed to walk.

The history of conflict and war proves this to be true. The ownership of the land with the resources is always at the center of the dispute. Indians should look deeper than their internal family conflicts; the world is coming for your land.

The Indian Nations of the Northwest are one family and the Governments and Internationalists have them fighting each other, within family, within Nation and Indian Nation against Indian Nation. One wonders if they have the capacity to see what they have been set up for?

moncler outlet sale Standing all together, united and strong, they could make a declaration to have no part of Canada or NATO, therefore, have no part in this international war game, thoroughly independent. moncler outlet sale

The reality in the end is the NW Indians; the Tahltan, Gitxsan, Wet’suwet’en, Nisga’a, Tsimshian, Haisla, Tlingit and Haida, will be just like regular Canadians, believing the news as it is delivered; allowing themselves to be manipulated into continuing their internal conflicts while everything, all the land and resources, is up for grabs.

cheap moncler coats It does not matter how much of the foregoing is accurate, the resources will be taken without Unity cheap moncler coats.


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